tab32 Cloud Dental Practice Management Platform Review

tab32 Cloud Dental Practice Management

Why tab32 is Best For Managing Dental Practices

tab32 is our pick for the best dental practice management platform because it consolidates all the modules and features you need in one place.

It helps dentists deliver an outstanding patient experience, which is the key to acquiring and retaining more patients in today’s consumer-driven environment.

Besides practice management modules (e.g., dental EHR, patient communication, billing,) the platform also offers an innovative Image Studio™, AI-powered Open Data Warehouse™, Teledentistry functions, and Revenue Discovery module.

The features help you improve cash flow, boost revenue potential, and stay at the forefront of the dental industry.

Built on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the software is stable, reliable, and secure.

It’s supported by bank-grade security and policies with an annual uptime of 99.9%.

The platform is SOC 2 Type II certified and HIPAA-, HITECH-, PCI-, and NIST 80052-compliant, so you don’t have to allocate resources to keep up with regulatory requirements.

tab32 has a running revenue rate of $500+ million.

The platform handles over 1 million patient engagements monthly and has scheduled more than 9.3 million appointments.

Its patient-centric approach helps practices meet consumer expectations while streamlining front-office and back-office operations.

tab32 review

Key Hightlights

  • tab32 is the most comprehensive practice management system available, offering over 500 robust features to help dentists run their practices.
  • tab32 can support dental offices of any size, from solo and mobile dental practices to enterprise dental support organizations (DSOs.)
  • The all-in-one solution delivers a modern and seamless experience for your patients and staff to improve treatment outcomes and operational efficiency.
  • This review is for dental practice owners and managers who want to streamline their operations and elevate their patient experience with modern cloud dental software.

Pros and Cons of tab32


  • tab32’s highly configurable software allows you to customize the workflows to support your existing processes.
  • Responsive customer service gives you the assistance you need when you need it.
  • White-glove migration service helps you move all your patient data, charts, and records for a seamless transition.


  • There’s a learning curve to navigate tab32’s many features, so some upfront staff training is required.
  • The platform offers only basic phone VoIP, but the robust two-way texting features more than compensate for the slight shortcoming.
  • The company doesn’t offer a free trial, so you’ll need to book a demo to see the software in action.


It’s relatively simple to deploy the cloud-based software. Also, tab32 offers a data migration service and comprehensive onboarding training to support a seamless transition.

After some initial training to understand all the features, most people can easily navigate the intuitive user interface. Patient-facing features, such as online booking and payments, are designed to meet today’s consumer expectations and streamline the patent experience.


Here are some of the key features of tab32’s cloud dental practice management platform:

Patient Communication Use secure email and two-way texting to automate patient communications and deliver a personalized experience.
Online Appointment Booking Make it easy for patients to schedule a visit by texting them a link to your online scheduling tool.
E-forms Eliminate paper processes to minimize errors, delays, frustrations, and security concerns.
Online Payment Accept different forms of payment online, set up automated payments, and send e-statements to get paid faster.
Patient Portal Allow patients to interact with your practice, streamline workflows, and free up your staff to focus on care delivery.
Reputation Management Gather patient feedback and publish the reviews on social media to attract more patients.
All-in-one Dental EHR Standardize procedures by setting up templates for multiple locations, users, or specialties.
Imaging Platform Analyze x-ray images alongside dental charts and annotate directly on the radiographs.
Cloud Image Storage Store all your dental images in the cloud and access them from anywhere.
Claims Management Get claims right the first time, every time, with intelligent workflows to get paid faster.
E-prescription Improve post-visit care, reduce paperwork, minimize errors, and reduce administrative burden.
Complete Teledentistry Deliver a modern patient experience, streamline follow-up care, and improve care outcomes.
Customized Reporting Gain data-driven insights to increase customer acquisition, reduce no-shows, and boost retention rates.
Real-time Business Insights Leverage business intelligence from the Open Data Warehouse for real-time insights.

Patient Communication

tab32’s HelloPatient™ module supports secure email and two-way texting to enable real-time, family- and location-aware conversations.

You can automate re-care reminders, appointment confirmations and reminders, post-visit follow-ups, etc., to deliver a personalized care experience and improve patient satisfaction.

Online Appointment Booking

The platform’s online booking feature allows patients to book a visit from anywhere and at any time.

You can also include a booking link in your automated re-care reminders to make it easy to schedule the visit.

Unlike most dental software, patients don’t need to create an account or log in to access this feature.


tab32’s various e-forms help you streamline workflows and minimize errors, delays, frustrations, and security concerns associated with paper processes.

You can send patients the links to these online forms before their appointments so they can provide consent and update their information to minimize wait time.

Online Payment

Make it easy for patients to pay you by accepting different forms of payment using tab32’s online payment feature.

You can automate e-statements and include a link to an online payment page in your secure email or text reminders.

You can also set up installment plans and automated payments to improve your cash flow.

Patient Portal

The platform’s online patient portal makes it easy for patients to interact with your practice.

They can access their personal records, treatment histories, and e-forms all in one place.

They can also update their information and make payments without calling your office—streamlining workflows while freeing your staff to focus on care delivery.

Reputation Management

With over 80% of patients using online reviews to evaluate dentists, practices must manage their online reputation.

tab32 makes it easy by allowing you to gather patient feedback and publish reviews on social media to attract more new patients.

All-in-one Dental EHR

The software’s clinical charting feature has an easy-to-use interface with comprehensive care modules, including explosive codes, dental and periodontal charting, treatment planning, progress notes, auto notes, exam forms, consents, etc.

You can also standardize procedures by setting up templates for multiple locations, users, or specialties.

Imaging Platform


tab32’s Imaging Studio allows you to analyze x-ray images alongside dental charts and annotate directly on the radiographs with an intuitive drawing tool.

You can sharpen, measure, and filter images to aid diagnoses and procedures.

You can also directly attach pano or individual images to claims to streamline submission.

Cloud Image Storage

You can store all your dental images in the cloud and access them from anywhere—a critical feature for running a multi-location or mobile practice.

You can eliminate storage costs associated with on-premise solutions and even use the imaging feature when you don’t have an internet connection.

Claims Management

Get paid without going through the hassle of navigating multiple vendor and payer portals with tab32’s Dental Billing module to send claims in real-time and get paid faster.

The software and intelligent workflows identify and eliminate the root causes of billing mistakes to get them right the first time—every time.


tab32’s integration with DrFirst makes it easy to send a prescription to patients’ preferred pharmacies to enhance their post-visit experience.

This optional feature is helpful for larger dental practices that perform a substantial number of surgeries to eliminate paper processes, minimize errors, and reduce administrative costs.

Complete Teledentistry

Meet consumer demands and expectations with tab32’s robust teledentistry module to deliver a modern patient experience.

The streamlined teledental workflows integrate with the platform’s online booking feature, dental EHR, and billing system to help dental practices provide high-quality care cost-effectively.

Customized Reporting

tab32’s built-in analytics tool provides detailed breakdowns of visit metrics and helps you track the production to collection ratio of new, returning, and active patients.

The insights can help you improve processes to increase customer acquisition, reduce no-shows, and boost retention rates of patients with the highest lifetime value.

Real-time Business Insights

tab32 has the industry’s only cloud-based Open Data Warehouse that enables real-time reporting and business intelligence while reducing enterprise costs.

The platform’s multi-location-aware and AI-powered analytics engine generate business-critical insights in real-time to inform accurate decision-making.


tab32’s pricing varies depending on a practice’s size and location. It offers solutions for:

  • Dental DSO practices: You can manage multiple locations on a single platform designed for scalability to streamline management, reduce IT costs, and focus on growth.
  •  Mobile dental practices: The solution supports business models such as single- and multi-locations, event-based, and hub-and-spoke. You can access all the features using any device and from anywhere.
  • Solo practices: The intuitive platform helps solo practitioners lower overhead and streamline workflows to deliver an outstanding patient experience.

The company has a transparent pricing structure that it shares with each potential customer based on their requirements. However, pricing plans are not published on its website. You can also access tab32’s standalone teledentistry module for $995 per year.

Customer Support

tab32 offers direct phone support and indicates that its US-based call center has a 99.9%+ uptime, answers calls in 45 seconds or less, and resolves 71% of the issues on the first call.

The platform also offers many self-service options. The learning management system has hundreds of hours of content and training materials that cover scheduling, billing, insurance setup, claim management, reporting, and other topics.


tab32’s cloud dental practice management platform is a one-stop-shop that meets the needs of most dental practices. However, the many robust features also make onboarding and staff training more complex. You should budget time and resources to get your employees up to speed during the transition to make the most out of the software.

The platform doesn’t offer third-party integrations, so you may need to spend some time moving the data from other software you’re currently using to tab32. But with the comprehensive features offered by tab32 and its data migration services, you can consolidate various software you’re currently using and manage everything all in one place.

What Is a Cloud Dental Practice Management Platform?

tab32 review

Often offered as a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud dental software provides a framework to run your practice and access patient records and business data from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

There are many benefits of using cloud dental software. You can get up and running quickly without a high upfront investment on software licenses and hardware. Since the vendor takes care of all the update and maintenance tasks, you can lower IT overhead while freeing your staff to focus on care delivery.

Reputable providers have dedicated security experts to ensure that their platforms are HIPAA-compliant. Meanwhile, the flat monthly subscription fee makes it easy to forecast your expenses and helps you shift your IT spending from CapEx to OpEx to improve financial agility.

The Bottom Line

We recommend tab32 for practices that:

  • Are ready to leverage big data to support everything from marketing and patient communication to business decision-making and care delivery.
  • Want to consolidate all their business and clinical functions in one place.
  • Operate at multiple locations or need to set the stage for rapid expansion.

tab32 may not be for you if:

  • You are not ready to migrate from an on-prem solution to the cloud.
  • You want to continue using some of your current software applications and integrate them with your practice management platform.

The Verdict

tab32 is a top-notch all-in-one cloud-based dental practice management software.

It leverages cutting-edge technologies to help dental practices elevate the patient experience while improving business outcomes.

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