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What is Patient Management – A Look into Systems, Software & Processes

What is patient management

Now, more than ever, patient management goes beyond just getting the patients in and out and treated for their illnesses.

The Best patient management programs bring patients into a practice in a meaningful manner. They enhance patient loyalty by contributing meaningfully to both the quality of care and the quality of service, as perceived by the patient.

Patient management is the interaction, from intake to discharge, between the patient and the health care team. It includes everything from communication, examination, evaluation, prognosis, and intervention. It’s an approach more than a procedure to place more focus and attention on the management of patient relationships, rather than just illnesses.

Healthcare is becoming more and more consumer focused and patients expectations of their doctors have risen alongside healthcare costs. With an increase in healthcare costs, there has been an increase in demand from patients who expect better outcomes and service quality levels that inspire them to be loyal to their practitioner.

This pressure from patients is making doctors rethink their patient management strategies.

Doctors are focusing on a more holistic approach to patient management that includes both quality of care and quality of service.

Thankfully, there are many solutions to help make patient management successful such as patient management software, which is designed to organize and streamline patient experiences and empower them to play a more involved role in their own health.

A good patient management approach, along with the right patient management software, can really help build on the relationship between patient and practice as well as delivering the best care possible.

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