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Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) is a picture archiving, medical imaging, and communications system that electronically stores images and reports.

PACS Systems manage the storage, retrieval, distribution, and presentation of DICOM images such as X-rays, MRI’s and CAT scans.

More often than not, PACS Systems are used in parallel with Radiology Information Systems (RIS) to smoothly and efficiently execute the radiology workflow.

There are many different PACS systems on the market making it complex and a large market to sift through.

Many of these PACS softwarealso include a built incommunication system, enterprise imaging, PACS image storage, image modality, a unified worklist, clinician notes, and cloud based pacs solutions, and so much more.

There are software companies and medical device manufacturing companies who have developed PACS for all sizes from small to large medical organizations to specific specialties within the healthcare field.

This can leave buyers confused and overwhelmed so in this article we’ve compiled a list of some of the best PACS Systems in the market to help you find the right fit for your healthcare organization.

Here are the Best PACS Systems Software and Vendors of 2021:

DrChrono EHR

DrChrono EHR is an EHR and medical billing platform that is compatible on both iPhone and iPad.

It allows medical practices and healthcare providers to manage patient intake, patient care, clinical charting, billing and revenue cycle management.

Key Features:

  • Customizable medical forms
  • Unified worklist
  • e-prescribing
  • Scheduling tools
  • Real-time patient eligibility checks
  • Patient portal
  • Medical API


PrognoCIS by Bizmatics

PrognoCIS is a cloud-based PACS solution that includes several modules such as EHR, Practice Management, Telemedicine, and eRx.

It is user-friendly and one key feature to highlight is their dedicated patient portal which plugs into your clinic website and allows doctors to communicate with patients securely, share lab results set appointments, request prescription refills, and more.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Full Suite
  • US Government/CMS standards and compliance
  • Revenue cycle managment
  • Device friendly


PrognoCIS Official Site

Compulink Healthcare Solutions – Advantage SMART Practice is an all-in-one database EHR solution for specialty practices such as optometry, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, ENT, mental health, podiatry, and more.

For surgical practices, an ASC module is available to pass information between clinic and surgery center

Key Features:

  • EHR
  • Practice management
  • Telehealth
  • Patient Portal which includes appointment reminders, online scheduling and more.
  • Bill Pay
  • eFax
  • Inventory management
  • Hospital information system



WebPT is another cloud-based platform that is said to maintain a 99.9% up-time rate and integrates with a large list of electronic health record (EHR) platforms.

It is recommended for outpatient physical, occupational, speech therapy, and chiropractic clinics.

Key Features:

  • Practice insight reporting
  • Customizable evaluation template
  • Patient schedule, automated appointment reminders
  • File storage
  • Medical imaging systems Integrate with a variety of EHR platforms.


Visit WebPT Official Site

NextGen Office (Formerly Known by MediTouch)

NextGen Office is a cloud-based EHR that is specifically designed for private practices.

It was founded by two doctors who wanted to make medical offices run more efficiently.

The system works on any tablet or laptop and is touch screen enabled so that you can bring your workstation with you.

Key Features:

  • Touch, talk or type notes directly into the clinical documentation
  • Touch screen capabilities
  • Patient scheduling, request refills, and telehealth visits


Modernizing Medicine’s EHR & Healthcare IT Suite

Modernizing Medicine is a cloud-based, all-in-one EHR and healthcare IT suite of solutions, designed to help medical practices across various healthcare specialties, such as otolaryngology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, orthopedics and more.

Key Features:

  • Video & audio telehealth capabilities
  • Automated suggested coding
  • Built-in MIPS dashboard for a complete PACS workstation
  • Adaptive learning and Protocols
  • iPad application



PatientNOW EMR Software

patientNOW is a PACS vendor that is a hybrid integrated Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution for aesthetic medical practices like plastic surgery, medical spas and cosmetic dermatology.

Key Features:

  • Automated workflows
  • Lab integration
  • ONC-ATCB certification
  • Narrative reports
  • PM Applications – medical billing, patient scheduling, accounting, and picture archiving system


Genesis Chiropractic

Genesis Chiropractic is a web-based solution that offers a suite which includes EHR, scheduling, billing, and documentation.

Genesis is ONC-certified and comes with tools for EHR/SOAP documentation.

Key Features:

  • Web-based solution
  • Scheduling
  • Communication system
  • Billing and documentation
  • Cloud-based
  • Compatible with Mac or PC operating systems and mobile devices including iPads.



Psychiatry-Cloud by WRS Health is a cloud-based integrated electronic health records (EHR) solution that offers integrated practice management, billing services, and marketing services for psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, counselors, and psychologists.

Key Features:

  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Digital pen
  • Prescription management
  • Claims scrubbing
  • Patient portal


Aesthetics Pro Online

Aesthetics Pro Online is a medical spa management solution that offers a variety of features such as staff management, calendar management, client management, point-of-sale, and marketing management functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • The staff management feature includes employee timesheets, payroll, commissions and tips, and staff scheduling.
  • The Marketing management feature allows users to track leads and run targeted email campaigns for customer acquisition.


myCare Integrity (Eye Care Lenders)

myCare Integrity is a medical practice solution that is specifically designed for ophthalmologists and optometrists.

IntegriVIEW, the image management system, links images directly to every screen throughout Integrity EMR.

IntegriVIEW, the image management system, links images directly to every screen throughout Integrity EMR.

Users can have personalized dashboards

myCare Integrity is HIPPA compliant and ONC-2015 certified for Meaningful Use.


Visit myCare Integrity Official Site

Office Practicum

Office Practicum by Connexin Software was built by physicians to provide an integrated electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution.

Office Practicum has been used for more than 20 years in small to large medical practices, as well as integrated health systems.

Key Features:

  • Vaccine forecasting
  • Geared towards the treatment of children
  • Received several awards including Complete EHR Certification for 2014 Meaningful Use, 2011 PCMH Prevalidation by NCQA, and the Surescripts White Coat of Quality in 2011 and 2013.


Visit Official Site

Revolution EHR

Revolution EHR is a complete EHR including medical billing, patient scheduling, medical accounting and a picture archiving system.

RevolutionEHR is 2014 ONC-ATCB certified and comes with a built-in FDA medication database.

Key features:

  • Suitable for small and midsize practices, corporate affiliates, multi-location practices, and specialty groups.
  • Personal health record portal for patients including appointments, billing, prescriptions, medical history, payments, etc.
  • Pricing is modeled with a one-time setup fee followed by a monthly subscription fee for each registered user.


WRS Health

WRS Health was voted #1 by PCMag in 2019 and is a cloud-based integrated electronic health records system (EHR).

WRS Health serves 35+ specialties with specific templates, functionality and workflows developed for each.

The system also has specific CPT and ICD10 codes for each specialty.

Key Features:

  • Charting
  • Medical billing
  • Patient scheduling, appointment reminders, order management. eRX/EPCS
  • Disease management


Harmony e/Notes

Harmony e/Notes is a hybrid integrated solution that offers functionalities for electronic medical records, practice management, billing and revenue cycle management.

The solution can be installed either on-premise or in the cloud.

Harmony e/Notes stores the user data in HIPAA-compliant server facilities.

Key Features:

  • Electronic medical records
  • Billing and revenue cycle management
  • Customizable SOAP notes, anatomical image charting, e-prescribing, HL7 labs, flow-sheets, growth charts, graphing/trending, document management, vitals-device integration, referral letter generation and automatic CPT and ICD-10 coding.



MedEZ is an electronic health record (EHR) and billing suite suitable for most medical facilities, particularly behavioral health centers and substance abuse rehabilitation programs.

MedEZ billing allows users to create hard-copy and electronic claims in CMS1500 and CMS1450 formats.

Key Features:

  • HIPAA compliant patient records, documentation, practice management, a patient portal and billing.
  • Revenue cycle management, claim tracking, utilization review and cost reporting tools.
  • Users can take clinical notes and record billing codes.


Qualifacts CareLogic Enterprise

CareLogic is another cloud-based electronic health records solution that is geared towards mid to large behavioral health and human services organizations.

The EHR system offers agencies a suite of clinical, administrative and financial capabilities including scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, eprescribing, consumer engagement, billing and reporting.

Key Features:

  • CareLogic is ONC-ATCB certified and can be used by a variety of organizations within the mental/behavioral health field including psychiatry, psychology, therapy, counseling, substance abuse and others.
  • Mirror existing workflows
  • Administrative and financial capabilities including scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, eprescribing, consumer engagement, billing and reporting.


Insight EMR and Billing by Clinicient

Clinicient provides a web-based and mobile therapy-specific EMR designed to improve the therapist experience by offering an all-in-one solution with scheduling, documentation, telehealth and reporting, resulting in improved efficiency and the flexibility to manage patient care.

Key Features:

  • Full comprehensive suite – scheduling, documentation, billing and reporting.
  • Revenue cycle services
  • Clinicient’s revenue cycle team provides services to bill completely and compliantly, speed collections through daily billing, payment posting and follow-up, and help your organization collect what you’re rightfully owed.


Quick Charts Complete

Quick Charts is a medical software that is specifically designed for the Chiropractic industry.

Quick Charts Complete is an in-house solution.

Key Features:

  • Electronic medical records, medical billing, patient scheduling, radiology information systems, picture archiving systems, and medical accounting.
  • E-prescribing, lab integration, UB-04 support, eligibility inquiry, DME billing, and workers compensation billing are all available as additional features as well.


Picture Archiving and Communications Systems Knowledge-Base & Facts

Uses of PACS Systems Software

  • Replacement of hard copies of records
  • Remote access of records
  • Electronic image integration platform
  • Radiology Workflow Management

Basic Components of PACS Software Vendors

  • Imaging Modalities which can include different methods in which images are generated: ultrasound, radiation such as x-rays, and MRI.
  • Secure network to the database for the patient information and images to be uploaded and transferred securely.
  • Workstations for allowing radiologists and doctors to view and study the image and its supporting documents can be available for the people who are permitted to view it.
  • Archives for storage and retrieval of images and reports.

Types of PACS Users

  • Hospitals
  • Hospitals are a major user of PACS Systems because they have a very complex need for the efficient storage and retrieval of images.
  • PACS Systems are flexible and provide a centralized, accessible way to store images and share them between multiple departments.
  • Mid to Large Outpatient Practices and Clinics
  • Outpatient practices generally specialize in areas such as orthopedics, radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, or other specialties that require imaging.
  • Midsized and large practices have multiple physicians and a PACS system helps centralize the images.
  • Radiology Center
  • Radiology Centers specialize in imaging therefore they generate a large amount of images on a daily basis.
  • Radiology Centers will often purchase PAC Systems in conjunction with Radiology Information Systems as a suite that work together.

Benefits of PACS Systems

  • Improved access to records – both past and present
  • Better quality of imaging and record retrieval/storage which leads to better diagnosis
  • Shorter examination times
  • Less of a need to retake images which leads to reduced exposure to radiation for patients
  • Better patient workflow management
  • Reduced legal costs due to loss of records or patient history, etc.
  • Better communication with physicians and between departments
  • Better hospital administration
  • Increased security
  • Secure online storage of images and patient records

As you can see, there are many reasons to implement a PACS System into your healthcare organization.

Hopefully this article helped you learn more about PACS and find a software vendor that meets your needs.

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