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Best Telemedicine Companies of 2022


With the current global pandemic, COVID-19 is still affecting millions of people all over the world and it has created a tremendous concern to make time to see your doctors for a much-needed check-up.

Factors such as ensuring your safety when going out, juggling with busy work schedules, avoiding exposure from large crowds, and even checking on the limited availability of slots in clinics can add to the stress. 

On the flip side, this has also allowed other industries, such as telemedicine, to flourish.

If this is new to you, telemedicine companies allow people to call doctors for non-emergency medical issues, whether it be through a phone conversation or a booking online.

This prioritizes your convenience and the importance of having yourself checked up for any personal health reasons.

To give you some idea, we are giving you the top 10 best companies you can search for. 

Here are the Best Telemedicine Companies of 2022:



Being one of the first telemedicine companies in the United States, adds more credibility as far as longevity, experience, and service are concerned.

Consistently, Teladoc has been on top of the ratings from physicians and patients.

There are a number of reasons why.

Definitely, it’s the service that they offer why they’re one of the most preferred telehealth providers.

Services of a wide range of medical issues that include:

  • Skincare and dermatological issues
  • Pediatric services
  • Non-emergency medical issues
  • Mental Health consultations and bookings especially on growing concerns of depression and addiction
  • Sexual health matters

If you don’t have any available insurance, Teladoc offers a conservative rate of $49 to $75 depending on the package of services that you are looking for. 

However, if you’re focus is on having mental health consultations, Teladoc charges $90 that can automatically connect you to a licensed therapist.

If you’re looking for a personal visit, the rate starts at $229 on the first consultation, while succeeding visits are at $90 only.

To top it all, Teladoc physicians can issue prescriptions and send them directly to the pharmacies; as well as also give in-depth analysis on your lab results.


Since there is a growing market online, MeMD has well-utilized this by creating an online platform where you can register an account easily.

Once you’re done with your account setup, just turn on your webcam and you can have an online conversation with a nurse or a physician.

How easy is that?

MeMD is recommended because of its extra mile service.

Patients can discuss multiple medical issues in a single consultation with the physician and not get an additional charge or fee – only if the physician is open to discussing a second issue with you.

The downside of MeMD is that they do not do lab tests like other providers do.

However, physicians that are available are willing to answer lab reports that already exist.

Also, like Teladoc, they can issue and send prescriptions directly to your preferred pharmacy.

With MeMD, you’re only paying $67 for visits, which are mostly for urgent care only.

If you need to talk to someone (talk therapy), they offer it at $85.

For mental health consultations, they charge the patient starting at a rate of $299 for 45-minutes; however, follow-up visits are much lower at $99.


Just like other telehealth providers, iCliniq also provides a wide array of services for patients and they can book an appointment online.

Patients can also submit to the physicians their medical issues, request a phone conversation or a video call.

What is special about iCliniq is the number of doctors that are available that come from different medical specialties.

For instance, if you submit an inquiry, about 3,000 doctors that represent 80 different medical fields are able to give you an answer online.

Their website also allows you to access previous inquiries and their respective answers.

Consultations through online, phone, and video calls are also available but it has to depend on the doctor’s schedule.

They also have a unique “virtual hospital” experience for professionals in the field.

The available services they offer are:

  • psychiatry
  • oncology
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • dentistry
  • sexology
  • dermatology
  • general medicine

Submitting your first question is completely free.

Doctors or assigned physicians respond to you via email or text.

Once the first consultation is done, they offer their chat plans at a reasonable rate of $30 for 50 hours and $50 for 100 hours.


Fourth on our shortlist is Amwell which was founded by two brothers who are actual doctors.

Previously called American Well, the rebranded telehealth provider aims to provide basic healthcare at an affordable rate by providing solutions to problems such as distance, mobility, and time.

Compared to other telemedicine companies, Amwell also has its own mobile application which is available via iPhone and Android that can connect you to a doctor.

With a starting rate of $69 for visits, you are assured of doctors that are assigned to you at whatever state or condition that you currently in.

They can attend to your non-emergency health issues and general medical concerns, as well as the more pressing ones.

They also have nutritionists and therapists that are known for great consultation services.


Halfway through our list is one of the first few players in the field, MDlive which was established back in 2009.

As with every other company on this list, the doctors and physicians affiliated with MDlive are able to answer your questions through the phone or online conversation.

And even when you’re in need of a medical consultation at midnight, don’t worry because their service is available for 24 hours.

Any non-emergency and general medical issues are welcome including:

  • Allergies
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Fevers

They also have an available physical visit which starts at $82, depending on your insurance.

Their skincare visits are at $75, counseling sessions at $108, and a scheduled visit with a psychiatrist at $284 with follow-up visits at $108.

Doctor on Demand

We all have our own preferences for doctors that attend to us.

The great thing about Doctor on Demand is it allows the patient to do just that.

They add their preferred doctors on “favorites” very similar to how to add your favorites on your phone book.

After your first consultation, if you were well attended, you can choose that doctor again depending on their available schedule for future appointments.

And conversely, choose another one if you don’t feel like going back to the previous physician.

If you want to get connected to a doctor, a 15-minute conversation would cost $75.

For mental health issues, a counseling session would escalate to $299 for a 45-minute scheduled appointment. 

LiveHealth Online

Another telehealth provider that’s part of our recommended list is LiveHealth Online which allows patients to book a video conference schedule with a doctor that’s residing in their state.

After signing up online, your request for consultation will be processed.

They are also a 24/7 telehealth provider, so there is no need to worry when certain medical issues need to be answered in the middle of the night. 

Their starting rate is $59 without insurance. This gives the patient full access to a wide list of services that LiveHealth Online offers.




Virtuwell has a niche of its own as they provide a diagnostic consultation where the patient is asked to describe symptoms during their interview.

If the symptoms can be managed by the nurse practitioner assigned can take the report and if necessary, create a treatment plan for the patient. 

Virtuwell specializes in non-emergency medical conditions that include:

  • Colds and flu
  • Acnes
  • Birth control
  • Skincare issues
  • Sexual health conditions
  • Allergies

For a service rate that starts at $49, you are guaranteed a satisfying customer experience and amazingly, they also offer refund if you are not satisfied with the care.


According to its website, this telehealth company can provide treatments and analysis from “head to toe.”

With a booking that can be done on the same day through an online or mobile application, the patient can be accommodated directly when the schedule permits. 

PlushCare has also partnered with many insurance companies.

Their subscription rate starts at an affordable price of $15.


Last, but definitely not the least, in our shortlisted telemedicine companies that is making a lot of noise this year is HealthTap.

With a whopping 90,000 physicians and doctors affiliated with the company all across the United States, you are assured that your medical issues and questions can be answered.

Like other competitors, they can answer questions via text messages and video calls.

Lab tests are also accommodated and prescriptions can be done as well.

Their membership fee begins at a low rate of $10 monthly, billed for a year with a one-time payment subscription.

They also have a free account available but with certain limitations to access to services.


To wrap it up, telehealth companies are beneficial these days and their business model is an answer to the pressing medical consultation issues brought about by the pandemic.

If you need a medical check-up without emergency concerns, then consider subscribing to any of the telemedicine companies we have suggested above.

Not only are you guaranteed a safe and satisfying online experience, but you’re also giving your health a priority most especially in these trying times.

Don’t waste a moment.

Make every opportunity count and search for these telemedicine companies that can help assist you with your medical consultations.

Most of them offer similar services but the most important thing is that you research more and even ask reviews from friends and family who have actually tried them.

They would be the best testimonial. 

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